With Māzú Resortwear now available in over thirteen high-end resorts across Asia, there's no better time to introduce our new pattern, the “Keying Blueprint”, just in time for the winter holiday season.

The Keying was the first Chinese junk boat to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. In 1846, the ship set sail from Hong Kong to London, making a pit stop in New York City. The ship was greeted by the Western world with huge praise and we hope our newest design will receive a similarly warm welcome!

“They will be on board of a ship constructed by Chinese shipwrights - They will be in the presence of Chinese Idols… an opportunity they never had before, and, in all probability, never will have again.”
- The New York Herald, 10th August 1847

Local Hong Kong artist Marc Allante designed the Keying Blueprint pattern based on the iconic junk boat and our east meets

west aesthetic. This symbol of opportunity for the Chinese in the 1800s is met with Western ideologies as we translate the boat's design into a 'blueprint'.

Founder and CEO Adam Raby says, “When starting a fashion brand few can determine the direction of where you will go with things. With our junk boat designs from the first collection having garnered success, we wanted to centre ourselves around this icon of Eastern maritime history. It was important for us to keep things fresh and introduce new designs still based on the Chinese junk boat."

The Keying Blueprint shorts will be available from December 15th of this year. Pre-orders will begin in early December, so stay tuned for that announcement. The shorts will be priced at HK$1400.


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