About Us

We Are The Sea

The wooden weather-beaten junks lie at anchor in Victoria Harbour, bobbing smoothly in the water, waiting for favourable winds before proceeding upon their voyages to distant lands.

When rigged for sea they look well – their imperial tanbark-coloured sails swelling quickly with the ocean’s breath. Their journey is slow and gentle, but always successful for I am Mazu, and I am the sea.

"I love the vibrant colours and the quality is top-notch."
— @warrencamitan
"My favourite and the only swim shorts I wear!"
— Garrett (HBO FBoys Island)
"I can go from my sweaty hot yoga to picking up my son from school to family hikes and the ice remains frozen for hours. Keeping life cool and refreshing."
— Ankie Beilke (German-Chinese actress, model and mother)