A topic of conversation that is very close to our hearts and has received quite a lot of press recently is the Ocean and its current state. One of our main sources of inspiration as a brand we feel a strong connection to the Ocean and everything it encompasses. 
So what can we do to make a difference?
Did you know?
– Half of the coral has died in the Great Barrier Reef in the past decades
– Ocean Acidification has increased by 16% in the past century
– Over 400 Gigatonnes of ice disappear every year due to Global Warming
– 60% of fish stocks are fully fished
– By 2050 there will more plastic than fish in the ocean.
– In the middle of the Pacific, there is a continent made of plastic of the size of Texas called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
These worrying facts are the harsh truth, so what things can we do to make a difference?
Well we put together 5 everyday things that you can do to help.
1. Much of the waste that we produce on land ends up in the oceans. Be conscious of this waste and make an effort to reduce the waste you produce, and reuse and recycle whenever you can.

2. Use reusable straws, this way you can ensure they don’t make their way to any sea creatures. If you are a business, provide reusable containers and stop the use of plastic straws.

3. Bring your own bag when you shop. Pass on the plastic bag and start carrying your own reusable totes.

4. If you live in a coastal area, volunteer for beach cleanups and spread awareness about the cost of marine litter.

5. If you have the chance to visit a beach, appreciate its beauty and ensure you don’t disturb its harmony and creatures.
    Support Organisations That Protect The Ocean
    Many institutes and organizations are fighting to protect ocean habitats and marine wildlife.
    Find an organization and consider giving financial support or volunteer for them. Like they say, every little helps!

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