As you may or may not be aware the pink dolphin in Hong Kong waters is a threatened species with only a few dozen animals remaining. These dolphins are unique to this region and they are the only salt water pink dolphin to be found all over the world! The pink dolphin was chosen as the official mascot of the 1997 handover ceremony. It is threatened by pollution, intense vessel traffic and land reclamation.

The event is a cocktail evening with raffles and prizes to help build and raise money for Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society (HKDCS).

Every donation helps towards the survival of these wonderful creatures in Hong Kong waters. If would be great to have you there and together we can help these unique dolphins.

Event Details:
11th of May at Lily & Bloom (6/F, LFK Tower, 33 Wyndham Street).
HK$300 entry at the door (includes 1 drink and 1 raffle ticket)

Raffle Tickets:
5 tickets = HK$300
10 tickets = HK$500

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