At Māzŭ Resortwear, we have spent a lot of time on the details that go into every pair of swim shorts. The past two years have involved testing and then producing the perfect style of swim shorts making sure they are made using only the highest-quality materials. We believe that every brand should have a story and a purpose; here are some of the details that we put into each and every pair of swim shorts that encapsulate just a small part of our story...  
Our signature cord is dyed Māzŭ Resortwear's deep red hue, to the Goddess of the Sea's favourite colour. This red hue can be seen in all of our branding as well as a tribute to the Goddess that inspired us. The red colour is a feature on all of our shorts to acknowledge the Goddess that the sailors would pray to before they headed out to sea. 
The back pocket on each swim short is individually cut and aligned by hand to create a continuous pattern that produces a flawless design and emphases our attention to detail. 
When jumping into the water, lower quality shorts will not allow the water to escape and will create what we call the "balloon" effect. The two engraved eyelets on the back of the shorts prevent this allowing you to jump into the water smoothly and without embarrassment.
Our handcrafted aglets are symbolic not only from a nautical angle but also from an Asian garment point of view. The monkey fist knot was commonly used on ships as a stopper and in case of real emergencies, a weapon if they were being attacked. The Chinese also started using them as a button for their garments as an alternative to plastic and pearl buttons.
Every sailor that worked on a boat would have a personal 'ditty bag'. It was made with a cotton canvas making them very durable and effective in keeping their personal belongings safe. Every pair of our swim shorts comes with our signature cotton canvas ditty bag, perfect for the day out at sea or by the pool. 


Start your story with your very own Mazu Resortwear swim shorts. Click on the link below to commence your story.

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