In this new series, we asked one of our original brand ambassadors, Thom King @thomito12, a few questions about sun, sea and sand.


What is your favourite thing to do at the beach?

If I’m not taking pictures, I want to sit back and relax under a coconut tree with the sound of the waves in the background.


What do you like most about the Mazu Resortwear brand?

It’s very durable! I’ve been using Mazu for a year now and it still looks new even after so many washes!


What’s your favourite Mazu Resortwear design?

The Ornamental Knot! Aside from this being my first Mazu short, I love the subtle patterns over the red shorts.


Whats the most memorable thing that’s happened to you whilst travelling?

It was during a very bad weather and we wanted to go to a beach in Zambales which requires a boat ride. Due to our stubbornness, we convinced a boatman to take us there and were overwhelmed with the height of the waves which were probably around 10-15ft tall midway to our destination. I was so scared that our pumpboat would capsize and even thought that I could die there. Fortunately, we arrived to our destination safely and was able to enjoy our stay even if it was raining. 


Top 3 favourite destinations

1. Coron, Philippines

2. Siargao Island, Philippines

3. El Nido, Philippines


What do you carry in your Mazu Resortwear ditty bag?

My gadgets! My phone, Powerbank, GoPro (with extra batteries), and my wallet.


Give us your best travelling hacks?

If you want to catch an earlier flight, don’t check in online and arrive at the airport early. You may become a ‘chance passenger’ and most probably get the flight without additional charge!


If you could take one person on vacation who would it be and where?

I’d take my Mom to Iceland. It’s our dream destination and it would make me so happy to see my mom visit this country to see the northern lights!

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