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Meet the man behind the brand

November 19, 2018


To celebrate International Mens Day, we sat down and had a chat with the man behind it all - Adam Raby.  


1. Can you tell us a bit about your background and what were you doing before you came up with the idea for Mazu?

Started off working in Advertising at M&C Saachi and Publisics. At that point I got called into the Hong Kong rugby national team and quickly had to pick between the two and with my dream to playing in the Hong Kong 7s since I was 5 years old, it was an opportunity I could not turn down. I played for a few years as a semi professional rugby player traveling the world. It got to the point where I felt like my body could not withstand the demands of international rugby, so I started looking else where. My father wrote a book on HK temples that inspired me to build the concept of Māzú Resortwear. 


2. Why did you decide to start your own men’s resort wear brand?

I've always had a entrepreneurial attitude and with no Resortwear brand based in Asia - saw an opportunity in the market. 


3. Can you tell us about the design elements? We can see a strong homage to HK’s rich maritime history. How did this inspire you?

My father wrote a book about temples around Hong Kong and was an avid sailor. Having sailed in the Hong Kong waters for over 30years he has quite the collection of photos. Hong Kong as a beautiful and complex city its nice to capture it in a way.


4. What does MAZU mean? 

Mazu or Tin Hau stands for the goddess of the sea. Sailors and fishermen especially would pray to her for a safe journey or a good catch. 

5. What are your favourite pair of Mazu’s and why?

Hard question. For me the one that embodies Mazu Resortwear the most is our new pinstripe bamboo designs. To me that is a perfect balance of Asian culture with a western twist. Then again I was so inspired by all the junk boats that used to be in the Hong Kong harbour, that our junk boat designs are also part of our core. 


6. What are your three must have items in your bag for a day at the beach?

For me sunblock, mosquitoes spray cause they love me and sunglasses. 


7. Who would you want sporting your line?

Having come from a sporty background I would love to see some sports stars wearing my shorts. That feeling of seeing someone I don’t know wearing my brand is priceless.


8. What were/are the biggest challenges in creating a men’s resort wear brand?

The whole thing is a big challenge. If it was easy everyone would do it. But to me it’s about breaking down those challenges and tackling them one step at a time. 


9. What advice would you give someone who wants a similar career path?

Passion and drive. A lot of people have the same skills on paper, but if you have the passion and drive then anything is possible. 


10. What’s next for Mazu?

To expand to a lifestyle brand where a gentleman can come to us and purchase everything they might need.

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