Made out of 12 recycled plastic bottles, our classic swim shorts are stealing the scene in style as well as showing our commitment to saving the oceans.

Mazu Resortwear is committed to reducing the oceans of plastic. Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic find their way to pollute our oceans. “It has always been our company’s mission to support ocean conservation as much as we can since we have such an emotional connection to water.” – Adam Raby, founder and CEO of Mazu Resortwear. Adding to our commitment each pair of shorts will come in a bio-degradable bag and our swing tags are now made of recycled paper.


Keith Macgregor has been photographing Hong Kong for over 50 years and has snapped some of the most nostalgic, immersive and social developments to be captured both on land and sea. During a period when Hong Kong was nearing the end of its status as a British colony, these photographs depict a fascinating time where the visual contrast between British and Chinese cultures, as well as what could be described as the old and the new, was still immensely visible. This played into what made the city dynamic yet still mystical in nature.

Our first of three photographic series show a traditional Chinese junk boat passing through Lei Yue Mun back in 1984. Keith captured this scene perfectly during sunset when the wind had died down and the sailors onboard had to resort to generating propulsion by human power. Other photos in the series include an aerial view of Tai Long Wan shot in 1986 and a lone fisherman in his sampan making his way up Aberdeen harbour in 1971.

Mazu Resortwear has also teamed up with the W Maldives, Baha Mar in Bahamas and Four Seasons Maldives to create unique bespoke swim short designs created from the same high-end recycled plastic fabric. These exclusive designs are only available within their resort stores.

The Keith Macgregor Collection is now available starting with the Lai Yue Mun swim short click here to view. 

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