The Tanbark Sail icon was created with the evolution of the brand. The symbolic and distinctive junk boat sails are instantly recognisable all over the world.

The sail was usually dyed and soaked in tanbark wood which gives its unmistakable deep red colour.










In order to create a sail you would need a mast to keep it upright and battens to give the sail its shape. This is designed into the icon with its calculated spacing in-between the sails. The rounded edges are designed to give the illusion of the sail full of wind. A unique triangle flag was added to the top to add to the illusion of the mast as well as the direction of the wind. All these design elements adds to the character and the background of the icon.


The natural progression of the brand was always to expand into ‘resortwear’ lifestyle. We wanted to create a symbol/icon for the brand to make us instantaneously recognisable without using the words “Mazu Resortwear”. The focus was all on what gave the junk boat its propulsion, which is its sails. We looked at the deep core values of the brand and what makes us who we are. A sail is fundamental to any sailboat and the foundation of the brand.

Teach a man to sail and he can travel the world. This journey starts with a simple sail.

We are excited to share it with you.

Adam - Founder, Mazu Resortwear

   Junk Boat in Victora Harbour Hong Kong


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