"Wear an open mind, maneuver with your eyes wide, keep a steady hand free and at the ready to help - your fellow man. Always" - Matt Elms, model & photographer #mazucrew

Building upon a foundation of creativity and end goal pursuits, Matt has always been driven with a passion to help others discover the beauty in their unwritten stories.

"I've gotta keep growing my abilities to help those that I love. Though I've yet been able to bolster up my brother enough to kick his drug addiction w/ 10 years at it, I'm getting closer. Endeavours such as these keep pushing me further forward."

"Navigating through the day with a genuine approach and an upbeat intention, Mazu ResortWear represents my kinda simple meets an upscale subtle." - Matt Nelms, model & photographer #mazucrew

Striking a good balance between his active, purpose-driven lifestyle while representing where he's from, when it comes to Mazu ResortWear and travelling, Matt enjoys the unfamiliar and discovering nuances

"...especially connecting with the people and place if timing will allow it"

Being hapa Korean, Matt has always had an emotional connection to Asia and felt called back during these testing waters of our time. .
As he embarks on his noble journey back home, we at Mazu ResortWear are proud to be worn on his sleeve(s) in solidarity and support ⛵️💪🏻

"I'm on a trajectory to live in Seoul for my first time and aiming to meet that goal before the end of 2020, to be apart of the positive change and potential in East Asian societies that are also in great need"

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