Can you imagine yourself practicing Yoga surrounded by mindful people with the wind in your hair, sun on your skin and the smell of fresh ocean air in your nose? If this is your dream yoga practice setting, you need to visit any of the wonderful destinations in South East Asia. 

From India to Borneo, you’ll come across amazing beaches, wonderful nature and peaceful atmosphere perfect for any yogi who wants to Zen out. So, here’s a little guide through best travel destinations for all yogis traveling in South East Asia.



No yoga list can start without the cradle of yoga, beautiful India. This is truly an ideal destination for all people who want to practice yoga, recuperate and relax in a wonderful setting. If you’re new to the scene, Goa is a great way to start. This is where most yoga retreats are located and they work full-speed almost all year round. Goa is truly a perfect place to practice yoga, but also explore its history and learn about the role it plays in people’s life. While Goa is also an ultimate party destination, it’s wellness where this western state excels.


The Island of Gods, Bali is a true yogi Mecca that will not only shower you with natural beauties but also allow you to dive deeper into the practice of yoga. Even though relatively small, for many years this island has been welcoming people looking for wonderful yoga retreats, postcard-perfect beaches and the weather that heals both body and soul. Just like any yoga Mecca, Bali is full of yoga centers and yoga schools that will send you to Nirvana and back while you learn about the world and yourself. 


If you’re a nature lover, Thailand is a destination for you! It’s full of beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscapes that will gently lull you into your meditation trance or put you in the right frame of mind of yoga. The spiritual culture is very strong here and can be felt at every corner of the country which will only enhance your yoga experience. There’s truly a wide variety of yoga retreats, studios and workshops that are open all year round and welcoming people all over the world. Mediation programs, natural healing workshops and Ayurvedic medicine classes are also available and numerous. Where to stay in Thailand? Ko Phangan might be the ultimate party destination, but if you venture to the north of the island, you’ll find yourself in literal yogi heaven. 

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Sri Lanka

This island is still not a super popular yoga destination and it’s pretty new on the yogi scene. But, it’s up-and-coming for many years and since it recently received a spot on the “Top Travel Destinations” list, it’s soon going to explode with tourism. Already, the number of visitors has doubled in the last ten years. However, you can still explore the country without hitting horrible crowds and visiting yoga studios without risking getting an elbow in the face.

Many places, especially those along the south coast, allow people to drop in and enjoy yoga and meditation classes. But, you can also hit any of the retreats in the mountains near Kandy and do your asanas in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Hong Kong

What you will love about the concept of Bamboo Yoga is the combination of aerial yoga practice, a gorgeous hike, spending time at the beach and snapping seriously cool photos. Occasionally we can forget how amazing Hong Kong is when we’re caught up in city. The workshop gives locals and travellers alike the perfect opportunity to escape from the crowd, appreciate the outdoors, enjoy the ocean waves, and reap the benefits of aerial yoga at the same time.

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