Mastering some of the style terms you've inevitably seen couldn't hurt right?
Here's our shortlist of French style terms you should know.
Originating from Brittany (or Bretagne), the Breton sweater started out as naval attire. It featured 21 blue and white stripes (one for each of Mr Napoleon Bonaparte’s conquests) and were introduced as a way to spot seamen who had fallen overboard. Adopted by the fashion world, the Breton stripes have become a fashion staple. 
Savoir Faire
Savior Faire suggests a certain style, accomplishment and refinement. A person who has Savoir faire is naturally suave and classy, or has the innate ability to do or say the right thing at the right time. 
A French term meaning "shaded". Typically used to design a multicoloured stripe, ombré is a technique in fabric printing to graduate colour and is now used to add subtle nuance and depth to many designs.
Frenchman Mr Joseph Marie Jacquard crafted the programmable loom that now bears his name in the 1800s. It is able to produce a pattern that’s part of the weave of a fabric, instead of being printed onto it. The effect is used in most men’s silk ties, as well as to create decadent evening jackets.

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