Close your eyes.
Lie down.
Use your imagination.
You are suddenly being rocked gently to and fro as the sound of lapping water fills your ears. A cool breeze caresses your face as you slowly come to your senses. Opening your eyes you look around you, adjusting to the bright sunlight reflecting off the vast expanse of water stretching out before you. You are on a bamboo raft cruising along the Li River. Your surrounded by the fertile outlines of the Mao'er Mountains, rising around you in clumps of brown and green. The bamboo under you feels smooth to the touch.
Behind you there is a man standing upright on the raft clutching a long bamboo pole. Every now and again he raises the pole from the water before bringing it down again, the raft gaining a new spurt of energy with every attempt  and you trust it to take you on this unexpected adventure. 
Drawing inspiration from such an iconic symbol of Asian culture, we have sculpted a modern pinstripe using bamboo as the focal point. Available in 3 colourways, this minimalist print is unique in its fusion between Asian culture and Western design.





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