With postcard landscapes, heavenly beaches, blue lagoons, crystal clear waters, thousands of multicoloured fish and luxury hotels, the Maldives islands will bring you pure joy!

  • Fly in a seaplane

Hey, taxi! Could you please take me to my atoll? You got it, in Maldives, using a seaplane is the best way to reach your little paradise of a hotel. A stone's throw-away from the international airport, you will board a seaplane for an exceptional trip over countless islets surrounded with a bright blue and indigo sea. You'll want to stick your nose against the window, for the spectacle it's so beautiful that the minutes feel like seconds. Which is actually the time it takes for a majestic sea landing, up to your hotel's pontoon.

  • Take the plunge with whale sharks and manta rays

Treat yourself to an incredibly close encounter with marine monsters, considered to be the biggest fish in the world. Those impressive creatures are yet totally harmless, contrary to other shark species. Numerous divers dream of crossing paths with whale sharks at least once in their life, as they make themselves scarce. The Addu Atoll is the only location in the Maldives where mantas rays with over 5 meter of wingspan are known to exist.

  • Fish and surf in the Maldives

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives archipelago enables you to practice all sorts of water sports. Maldivians are fishermen and fishing takes up prominence among all kinds of activities. You will easily learn different techniques, but keep in mind that fishing remains extremely regulated in order to preserve resources.

If you wish to pull away from the islands, use a kayak and explore the various reefs surrounding the atolls. If you're looking for sporting activities, you'll be please to know that surfing is thriving around the island. The North Malé, South Malé, Addu and Laamu atolls are particularly renowned for their impressive waves. In the evening, when the wind takes up, try out windsurfing or kite-surfing and admire the sunset!

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