As the largest and most important cultural centre in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai offers visitors lots of opportunities to see and do unusual things.

Not To Be Missed in Chiang Mai

  • Take a cooking class. Dive straight into the local cuisine and culture by signing up for a private cooking class in our opinion one of the best activities offered at the Four Seasons. Led by one of the affable chefs at Rim Thai Kitchen, the activity begins with a journey to the bustling local market, with an insightful introduction into different types of local produce and ingredients, and the chance to sniff, sample and purchase everything from freshly pounded curry to Thai basil leaves and long peppers. Back at the resort, you’ll take a tour of the onsite organic garden before being guided step-by-step to make some of the signature northern Thai dishes.

  • Drenching yourself in local art at the Chiang Mai National Museum. It is an ethnology museum, which displays many objects about northern Thai history. You will learn most everything about people in northern Thai history, from their normal life, geology, to types of arts and cultures.
  • Temple Hopping. Most of the temples are relics from the ancient Lanna Kingdom, which spanned northern Thailand and parts of Myanmar, China and Laos. 


  • Admiring traditional crafts at the Bo Sang Umbrella Factory. Well known for outstanding handcraft quality as well as signature floral designs, Bor Sang Village has made its name throughout the country and abroad – so much so that the name Bor Sang has become synonymous with the paper-umbrella craft itself and the umbrella, a cultural symbol of Chiang Mai.
  • Riding elephants and supporting their well-being at the Thai Elephant Home


  • Get panoramic views of the paddy fields and immaculately maintained landscape, while stepping out onto the verandah of the Four Seasons. Nestled amongst the lush greenery and untamed jungle of the Mae Rim district just North of the old city, the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is unquestionably one of the most luxurious resorts not just in Chiang Mai but in all of Thailand.


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